Cotton Candy Machine

Sugar for Cotton Candy, obviously we can’t do it without sugar. Although it is also true that many machines also allow you to use candies, these have to be sugar so it does not matter.

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And what is sugar?

It is defined as: according to Google “Crystalline substance, usually white, very soluble in water and very sweet flavor, which is found in the juice of many plants and is extracted especially from sweet cane and beet; it is used in food as nutritive sweetener and usually comes in small crystals powder

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What type of sugar is used to prepare cotton candy?

We can use three types of sugar to prepare Cotton Candy:

  1. White sugar

  2. Sugar candies.

  3. Prepared Sugar

White sugar is the common one we use in our home to sweeten drinks and food. The cotton we prepare with this sugar will be completely white as a cloud, which is also very traditional.

Sugar Candies we all know, who as a child or adult has not eaten a delicious candy. Well, we can also use them to make Cotton Candy, we should only consider if the machine allows it.

Prepared Sugar is nothing more than common white sugar with an additive, be it color or flavor or a combination of both. We can prepare it ourselves by buying white sugar, dyes and flavorings or we can buy the sugar already prepared with the color and flavor that we like, it is the easiest way to do it.

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