Cotton Candy Machine

Agregue color a sus comidas naturalmente

The Cotton Candy, Sweet Cotton, Cotton Cloud, Algodón de Azúcar or any other name that can be given, is undoubtedly a very tasty and very delicious treat. But it is also very true that one of the things that captivates this sweet, is its original shape and color. And to give sugar that spectacular color it is necessary to use a Food Coloring

Food Coloring for Cotton Sugar

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What is a food coloring?

Most foods have a characteristic natural color, which usually makes it more palatable and is used as decoration when serving a meal. When we talk about a special preparation where you can use flour, sugar or any other similar ingredient, the color shines by its absence.

For this reason it is necessary to use a Food Dye that allows to give that attraction to the eye and dazzle diners.

Food Coloring: It is defined as an additive that is added to a food to give it a different color. This is widely used in baking as a way to give different colors to the elements that are part of the decoration of the different dishes or meals.

White sugar and wheat flour are widely used in these cases, among others, which are mixed with dyes for a specific purpose. In the case of Cotton Candy if the sugar we are going to use is white, we can add a food coloring to give it that characteristic color or play with a combination of colors and create something more original.

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How to color the Sugar for Cotton Candy with Food Coloring?

Sugar is one of the main ingredients in the kitchen and in terms of cakes and sweets it is essential. The detail is its white color that makes it perfect for fantasizing with different colors artificially through food coloring.

Colored sugar is widely used for decorative purposes especially in baking. For this, white sugar is used and an artificial color or a combination of these is added to achieve the desired color. It is very simple, you should only use the right ingredients and follow the instructions that we will indicate below.

Sugar coloring steps:

  1. Place in a suitable container, preferably a plastic food bag, 6 tablespoons of granulated sugar and add 6 drops of food coloring of the color you need.
  2. Proceed to close the bag tightly and shake it tightly so that the liquid mixes with the sugar. It is also advisable to “massage” the content through the bag so that the color is distributed homogeneously.
  3. After mixing well and the sugar has a uniform color, open the bag and take out the contents which must be moist. Spread it on a tray and let it dry for at least two hours.
  4. Finally place the prepared sugar in a closed container and store in a dry place for when you need to use it.

And what about the Cotton Candy Flavor?

Just as we add color to sugar to obtain a colorful cotton candy, we can also add a flavor, if we work with normal sugar. This allows you to add a new element so that the final result is an exquisite Sweet Cotton with the flavor that we prefer.

The procedure to add a flavoring to sugar is the same one used to add food color.

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