Cotton Candy Machine

Palos o palillos algodón de azúcar

Another element that can not be missing are the Cotton Candy Sticks, also called cotton sticks or sticks. Certainly there are many ways to prepare and serve Cotton Candy, but without a doubt, the most typical way to serve them is rolled into a stick. It is an easy way to assemble the cotton in the bowl of the cotton candy machine and also for those who are going to enjoy this candy to hold it while they savor it.

Also remember that most of this type of Sticks can have many uses from school, DIY and even in the kitchen.

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What material are cotton candy sticks made of?

There are various materials with which the Sticks used for cotton candy are made, among the most used we have:

  • Birch wood sticks.
  • Bamboo wood sticks.

Precautions when buying cotton sticks

Since these sticks are not made exclusively for cotton candy, if instead they have an infinite number of uses, certain precautions must be taken into account.

  • The material with which they are made.
  • It does not contain any chemical component or treatment.
  • As it is long, there are some that are very small and for cotton they can be very fair. The most recommended measure is 40 cm.
  • There are some squares and others round. Squares have better grip for cotton.

Other uses for these sticks

  • Ideal DIY material: these wooden rods can be easily cut and shaped with professional tools.
  • Good for craftsmen, amateurs, teachers and students.
  • Those sticks also lend themselves to the use in the electric grill, the charcoal barbecues, roasted sausage and vegetarian brushes for a kitchen buffet.
  • These rods can be used to make crafts, such as home decoration, photo frames and school science projects, construction structures such as bridges, dollhouses, kites, weight bearing sections in aircraft or ship models, crafts, etc. .