Cotton Candy Machine

To think of Cotton Candy is to feel nostalgic for the past tense, when we were children and we were anxiously waiting for the moment when the fair or festival of the town where we lived would begin. The main reasons that made our life happy those days of the fair were the carousel and sweets, especially the most delicious: The Cotton Candy.

Feel melt and disappear in our mouth that delicious sweet with such a particular and special form, it must be one of the most remembered moments by contemporary adults. Reliving these experiences brings us moments and memories of our childhood that no longer happen as before.

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FLOSSING OR HARD CANDIES: Unique extractor head allows you to use traditional flossing sugar or your favorite hard candies to make delicious cotton candy

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CLEAR RIM GUARD: Acts as a protective guard and lets you watch the cotton candy being made

ACCESSORIES: Includes 2 reusable cones, 1 sugar scoop, and 1 extractor head

EASY CLEANING: Unit disassembles for easy cleaning

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But time passes, times change and technology advances. New things are created, most of which have the ultimate goal of improving our quality of life. We no longer have to wait until it is time for parties or fairs in the town to enjoy an exquisite cotton candy, it is within our reach and we can buy a cotton candy machine for our home or home as it is told.

They are easy to use, small and cheap. Even children can use them and make these cotton candy delights of different colors.

For any occasion, a Cotton Candy Machine is the solution, your meetings or birthday parties, christening, any reason is good to enjoy with the family and taste again this fabulous sweet.

Models of Cotton Candy Machine

In the market there are different models to select the Cotton Candy Machine that we like or best suits what we want or need, making our purchase the best. We present a selection of the main models to Buy the best Cotton Machine at the cheapest price.

Analysis of the best Cotton Candy Machine of 2019

Catalog of the cheapest Cotton Candy Machine of 2019

What is cotton candy?

Let’s start at the beginning, perhaps most have tried it, but the definition of what is cotton candy suddenly is not so manageable.

The Cotton Candy (in some parts they call it a cotton cloud, Cotton Candy, in Spanish it is said algodón de azúcar) is a candy with a very peculiar shape similar to a cloud and with an appearance similar to that of cotton, hence its name.

This cloud is formed with very thin strands of melted sugar that wrap around a stick or something similar. Its very unique and striking appearance or form makes it more attractive. In addition, the way to enjoy eating it is totally different from any other sweet, melting on contact with the mouth and leaving all its flavor.

Which Cotton Candy Machine to Buy?

Before buying a Cotton Candy Machine we suggest you take into account the following recommendations:

Machine use

There are different models of this type of machine: Toys for Children, Homemade and for Professional or Commercial use, that is, Industrial. Each one has its own design characteristics appropriate to the use that will be given to the equipment.


If the use that we are going to give to the team is professional or commercial, we have two options in terms of mobility: the fixed ones to place on a counter and those that have a built-in cart, which allows moving the equipment from one place to another. This is an advantage if we want to set up a “traveling” business or it will not be fixed in one place.


We continue to insist that the use largely determines the type of equipment to buy. And the production capacity has to do with this. If it is for the home to use occasionally, it does not matter much this capacity. On the contrary, if we are going to use it to sell cotton, we need one that supports this activity.


A good brand is synonymous with quality and guarantee. It is advisable to find out about the best brands in the market and buy the best.

Type of Ingredients

There are machines that only allow you to use sugar while others you can also use candies.

Ease of Cleaning

If we want our machine to last long enough, keeping it clean is one of the basic requirements, for this it is advisable to buy a machine that can be easily disassembled for a complete and trouble-free cleaning.

How does a Cotton Candy Machine work?

The memory we have when we were children on a Cotton Candy Machine, refers to a large device, which made a lot of noise and with a characteristic smell of burnt sugar.

The technology has allowed to improve the operation of these machines, reducing the noise they make, their size and appearance. Now we can have a small and portable one in our house and take it anywhere.

Operation of a Cotton Candy Machine

The operation of this machine is really simple. To make the Cotton Candy the machine heats the sugar, either natural or with an added flavor, at high temperatures melting it and expelling the fine threads that will form the cotton through small holes.

When the expelled threads reach the outside air they transform into crystals, with little sugar, that form the cotton.

The machine has a container which rotates on its axis at high speed, the centrifugal force does its job by pressing the hot liquid that has just been poured into the container against the walls of the container and exits through those very small holes. The holes are small enough for the liquid sugar to flow through the hole, it cools very quickly, so it makes those very thin strands of colored sugar.

Internal structure of the machine

A machine used to make cotton candy is formed by the following parts:

  • Rotating head: that encloses a small bowl where the sugar reserve that is poured next to any dye to make the cotton is stored.
  • The Heaters: that allow to melt the sugar and are located near the edge of the head.
  • Bowl: It is a large bowl that completely surrounds the rotating head. In this bowl it is trapped, after melting the sugar and that on contact with the air solidifies.
  • Engine.
  • Heater Protector
  • Heater.
  • Engine tank

How is the chemical transformation of sugar into cotton?

In a Cotton Candy Machine, to obtain the delicious Cotton Candy, a chemical transformation takes place to convert sugar into cotton.

  1. Sugar becomes liquid: Sugar or “sucrose” is an organic compound that when heated above its melting point (186 ° C) loses its crystalline form and becomes liquid.
  2. Once the sugar is turned into a liquid, it is poured into the cylindrical container that rotates at a certain speed and whose centrifugal force causes the liquid sugar to become super thin threads when passing through the small holes and then to the contact with the air they solidify giving As a final result the delicious cotton candy.

Also Remember to Buy the ingredients for Cotton

In addition to Buying the Cotton Candy Machine, you must remember that you have to buy the ingredients to make the cotton candy.

There are not many things we need for their preparation and it depends on the taste of each one.

Among the ingredients we have:

  • White sugar or prepared sugar.
    Dyes if the sugar we buy is not prepared and we want cotton of different colors.
  • Flavors: just as we can color sugar we can also add a different flavor.
  • Sticks: to roll the cotton thread and turn it into a cloud or other figure.